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A-Audio Prodigy Magnetic Bluetooth Speakers

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Rose Gold Lyric On-Ear Headphones

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“If you like things flashy and loud A-Audio Legacy Headphones are the choice for you. Leather, diamond-quilted stitching, and aluminum bezels are only the beginning.”


“Style and substance are equal priorities for A-Audio. The Lyric on-ear headphones feature rock-solid construction and a striking look.”

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“I heard new layers of sound in songs I’ve heard a million times before.”


“The A-Audio Legacy headphones are like a cushy concert hall for your head..They are freakishly awesome.”

Superior Craftsmanship • Exceptional Sound

A-Audio Headphones was founded on the premise of innovation, quality, precision, and craftsmanship. This is best exemplified by our relentless commitment to use only the finest and most relevant materials available in the construction of our audio devices.

We craft headphones that embody avant-garde design, provide uncompromised comfort and deliver unparalleled sound. Only our headphones include 3-Stage Technology ™ to customize your listening experience to suit your favorite music genres. Select Bass Enhancer, Active Noise Cancellation, or Audio mode to match your distinct audio tastes.

With intricate detailing inspired by classic auto and luxury timepiece design, we hand select the highest quality materials for our statement-making headphones, providing enhanced reliability while maintaining a timeless yet unique style. Our headphones are engineered to immerse you into a full sound spectrum for a studio-style audio experience.

What are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in the full Spectrum of Sound

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