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Create an Experience / The Full Spectrum of Sound

A-Audio Headphones create an experience for the listener that is unmatched by utilizing state of the art drivers, powerful circuitry, gold plating and only the finest quality stainless steel construction.

The Active Noise Cancelation (ANC) setting allows the listener to immerse them self into the full spectrum of sound as the artist originally intended; delivering excellent sound quality with powerful, rich, crystal clear mid and high tones with deep distortion free bass. The Bass setting allows listeners to enhance the bass in any genre providing for a more energetic listening experience. The Audio setting, allows the listener to operate the headphone without batteries, a useful feature when traveling that most noise canceling headphones have overlooked.

Our high-fidelity noise-isolating Earphones have superior sound and extremely durable and uniquely designed chrome plated housing and three sizes of ear tips for a perfect, customized fit. Dynamic speaker systems with powerful neodymium magnets ensure outstanding sound accuracy and clarity. Rich, dynamic sound with crisp, precise clarity and booming digital bass. Control mic features works with iPod, iPad & iPhone. 24K gold plated 3.5 mm audio plug for premium, no-loss sound connection to your audio device.

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