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Since the last post, my excitement to try these luxurious set of headphones has grown. At first glance the box looks similar to that of similar headsets, but the styling of the headphones separate itself from the rest. When opening the box the first thing you notice is the craftsmanship on the headset. The chrome styling and accents set it off. The leather and earpiece cushion feel good against the ear to the point you don’t want to take them off.

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Audio Quality

I wanted to start off with quality because I feel this is one of the more important features. I used Action Bronson’s “Triple Backflip” because of the clean bass & melodious tones. These headphones excel! The sound is so clear you would think it was in-studio… It may sound exaggerated but they really do sound good. Compared to the Monster Beats by Dre Pro models, the sound is very similar but at a cheaper price so a better purchase. In my opinion.

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