ILS Exclusive: Introducing A-Audio Headphones


ILS Exclusive: Introducing A-Audio Headphones

In the competitive market-place of audio technology, A-Audio emerges as a premium headphone/earphone company based out of Miami. The design is sleek, paired with gray, black and chrome tones that adhere to the company’s values in precision, innovation and craftsmanship.

A-Audio operates on a 3-stage technology platform, concentrating on Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), Bass and Audio settings. The headphones deliver a rich and clear sound, juxtaposed with a Swiss and Italian avante-garde design. The headphones are plated with gold and adorned with leather, chrome, aluminum and “an occasional piece of plastic (unlike our competitors)!,” according to CEO Christian Lacovelli. The company is still in its early stages, born less than a year ago; however, they plan to make their big debut at Ultra Music Festival and maybe even SXSW.

For more, check out their website HERE.

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