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A-Audio Legacy ANC Headphones Review

Written by James Pikover
Firstly, sound quality is excellent. Whether you’re rocking out, throwing on some wub-wub, or listening to light jazz, the audio is very good. Lows are excellent, and made additionally so with the bass boost. Highs are very steady, though some mids are muffled. This is definitely not the pair you’ll want for throwing on a lot of classical music. If you’re into popular tunes from the past 20-30 years (Rock, Hip-Hop, Pop, etc.), you’ll love the sound quality.


A-Audio is a new company producing high-end headphones, and they may have cracked the nut. Their Legacy ANC Headphones is a powerful, good looking set made for the smartphone and noisy world. With 40nm drivers and noise cancellation plus bass boost, this metal and leather-bound set plays the part of kickass headset every day of the week.
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