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Review: A-Audio Legacy High Definition Headphones

I was sent these particular headphones by the company a few months back with the premise being no strings attached – they simply wanted to get their new product in the hands of people who appreciate music and needless to say I’ve been throughly impressed. As is the case with all new headphones I go through a “burn in” period before really judging how well they sound. Burning in simply put, is breaking in your headphones so that the diaphragm is loosened and the driver is introduced to various sounds (a range of white and pink noise, frequency sweeps and various genres) which in the end, most will argue, improves the overall sound quality of the speakers.

The first thing I noticed about these headphones was the superior craftsmanship and time spent on intricate details that other brands lacked. The packaging says volumes about how much time the company spent really making this product unique. Before even seeing the headphones I was presented with a very luxurious looking travel case wrapped in croc-leather. The design influence is listed as Italian and Swiss and the culmination is truly something that stands out. For instance, the bridge at the top is covered in soft stitched leather padding and coupled with the same leather surrounding the ear – which makes them very comfortable to wear for hours at a time. I can appreciate this because as is the case with other headphone brands I notice my ears start to hurt after an hour or so. The aluminum and stainless steel are acoustically engineered as well as aesthetically pleasing to look at, with the only downside being fingerprints, but I can live with that as I’m carrying a microfiber cloth with me most times anyways.

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