These $299 Headphones Are Worth Every Penny, And Audio Buffs Will Love Them

by Dave Smith
You’ve likely never heard of A-Audio, which only launched its line of luxury headphones last July, but the Miami startup has some of the best-sounding headsets you’ll find.

Most headphones can and should be graded on four main aspects — design, comfort, performance, and sensibility. A-Audio’s latest product, the $299 Legacy over-ear headphones, excels in all these areas. [..]

In all, A-Audio’s Legacy headphones have pretty much everything you could ask for out of a headset — it even has remote controls and a microphone that will work with any mobile device (not all headphones do this, believe it or not). The product is comfortable to wear, it’s relatively stylish but still neutral, and most importantly, the high-quality sound is what kept me coming back for more.

The price point is as “premium” as the product itself: At $299, they’re not exactly the cheapest headphones out there (there’s a wireless model of these headphones that costs $379 — coming soon). But while I tend to prefer in-ear headphones, I seriously couldn’t wait to throw on A-Audio’s Legacy headphones to listen to all of my music. They’re better than most headphones on this best-of list, and though they’re not more attractive than Beats by Dre headphones, they sound leagues better for the same price. If you want to get the most out of your listening experience, either professionally or casually, this product will not disappoint.

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