By Michael John-Anyaehie


Quality or affordable headphones are not hard to find, but it’s difficult to see one with both attributes and an accurate active noise cancellation feature. A-Audio has proven it’s here to stay, the company’s Legacy headphone launched last year was a beauty to behold. In order to bring wireless headphone lovers on board, the company’s A-Audio Icon headphones is the missing piece of the puzzle. You can call A-Audio a newcomer in the headphone market but the company is shutting critics down by launching quality headphones, one after the other for those who want the luxury that comes with it. From the logo to the leather stitching, A-Audio headphones has that luxurious feel to it. A-Audio currently offers 3 headphone models and one earbud, the Lyric (on-ear), Legacy (over-ear), Icon (wireless over-ear) and Elite HD Earbuds. I had the opportunity to test this beauty priced at $379 with Jay-Z’s recently acquired Tidal music streaming service and I was totally impressed.


The box the A-Audio Icon come in is smaller than the A-Audio Legacy which is absolutely fine with me. A-Audio eliminated the need for the big packaging as they decided to pack the headphone in its carry-case. Opening the box, you’ll find the headphone already pack in the A-Audio “Luxury Travel Case”. The A-Audio Icon comes with two audio cables with and with mic, battery charger and USB cable, a quick guide and your warranty card.


Build and comfort

The A-Audio Icon comes in two colors, the Phantom Black and Liquid Chrome model. The materials used in making the Icon gives the headphone a quality design and feel. It comes with a chrome plating, steel chassis, zinc hinges and a few plastic pieces. The breathable memory foam cushions  and leather padding provides the well deserved comfort needed for long hours of listening to music. Each ear cup is attached to a steel frame with chrome plating, fully articulating swivel ear cups that helps provide a perfect seal. Thanks to the audio output feature, your friend can tap into what you’re listening to.

The rechargeable battery cover magnetically attaches to the headphone just like the A-Audio Legacy battery cover. Pressing the power button once when the headphone is powered on allows you to check your A-Audio Icon battery level. The A-Audio Icon comes with a great battery life. The stats boast a 12-hour battery life, I put it test and it totally aced it. To spice things up, A-Audio adds a rechargeable Power Bank you can use to charge your headphone on the go.


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At an MSRP of $379, the A-Audio Icon headphones are in the price range of premium headphones. This price range puts the headphones in a competitive market with the likes of many better-known brands. At the same time, the Icon headphones deliver wireless sound, active noise cancellation, excellent sound, and a bold design that is anything but cookie-cutter.

A-Audio Icon Wireless Over-Ear (ANC) Headphones
The first thing you notice when initially opening the box is just how heavy the headphones and assorted accessories are. These are no lightweight, cheap, quick-to-be-broken fashion headphones.

A-Audio Icon Wireless Over-Ear (ANC) Headphones
The next thing you will notice is the protective case that comes with them is actually a protective case. That is notable since many other headphones we have reviewed-headphones like the impressive Plantronics BackBeat Pro-come with soft carry bags that are far less protective. This case was designed for travel.

A-Audio Icon Wireless Over-Ear (ANC) Headphones
I was more than a bit impressed with the various items included in the package. The accessory package includes:

  • The A-Audio Headphones
  • A luxury travel case
  • A Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery 3.7V-580mAH (more on that in a bit)
  • Two audio cables one with and one without remote & microphone
  • A polishing cloth
  • A warranty card
  • An instructional booklet

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Por Luis Miranda

Tres modos de disfrutar tu música favorita.

Elegir auriculares es una tarea compleja, basta ver la cantidad de marcas y modelos que hay en el mercado. Por su parte, A-Audio busca un lugar en el podio de los mejores y ha lanzado los Legacy, un modelo circumaural que se ubica en la categoría de los USD $299.

A-Audio es una compañía de Florida, EE.UU., que fabrica auriculares de lujo. Uno de los puntos interesantes que propone con los Legacy es la inclusión de la tecnología Three Stage Listening que permite cambiarse entre modalidades pasiva, cancelación de ruido y mejora de bajos.

¿Qué tienen de interesante estos auriculares? Vamos a descubrirlo en este FW Labs.


  • Díametro del parlante: 40 mm
  • Material del parlante: Mylar
  • Imán del parlante: Neodynium
  • Rango de frecuencia: 20HZ a 20KHz
  • Sensibilidad: 102dB @ 1KHz +/- 3dB (Audio), 113dB @ 1KHz +/- 3dB (ANC), 115dB @ 1KHz +/- 3dB (Bass)
  • Impedancia: 32Ω
  • Peso: 317g
  • Longitud de cable: 1,2m
  • Tipo de conector: (1/8in) 3,5mm chapado en oro



En los últimos años la gente prefiere la apariencia de sus auriculares antes que la calidad de sonido. Para prueba está el éxito de Beats, Skullcandy y otros marcas de rapero que normalmente quedan a deber al escuchar otra cosa que no sea hip-hop.

A primera vista los Legacy podrían entrar en esta categoría: son llamativos y el exceso de metal cromado podría parecer molesto para algunos. Debo admitir que eso causó impacto al abrir el empaque, sin embargo esa sensación se fue diluyendo a medida que los escuchaba.


En el diseño predomina el metal, que está presente en el slider y la parte externa de cada unidad. La parte superior (diadema) cuenta con un recubrimiento acolchado que asegura la comodidad. De igual modo las almohadillas son lo suficientemente anchas y cómodas como para utilizarse por tiempo prolongado.

En la unidad izquierda se encuentra un compartimento para las baterías al que se accede desprendiendo el hexágono de plástico con el logo. Para lograrlo basta girar un poco el auricular y zafar la pieza. Debido a que es magnética y que la orilla por donde se abre se esconde al colocarse los auriculares, no hay posibilidad que se abra por error y se zafen las baterías.


Dos baterías AAA aseguran el funcionamiento del modo de cancelación de ruido y potenciador de bajos. En caso de no contar con baterías, los Legacy pueden usarse en la modalidad Audio. El control para cambiarse de modo se encuentra en el auricular derecho, debajo de la almohadilla y se puede acceder a él antes o al momento de usarlos.

FayerWayer Review : Auriculares A-Audio Legacy [FW Labs]

FayerWayer Review : Auriculares A-Audio Legacy [FW Labs]

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These days, it seems like there is an endless variety of headphones to choose from. With new models popping up on a weekly basis, it’s hard to sort through the crowd to find the ones that fit you best. When it comes to active noise cancellation this elite selection thins out a bit, but there are only a handful that fall into the same category as A-Audio’s Icon over-ear headphones.

From a functionality perspective, these headphones give you everything but the kitchen sink. They can be used wirelessly via Bluetooth with active noise cancellation, in passive (wired) mode, and even feature dual sound profiles. Along with that, they include a wide variety of accessories that offer more than enough for any situation…

Unboxing these headphones was a very pleasant experience. The box opens easily and immediately you are presented with a beautiful carrying case with a carbon fiber-like design. Within this case, you’ll find everything else. First up, you obviously have the headphones, but right in the center of the case is a small little bag being secured by Velcro that houses the headphone accessories.

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By HideousPride

I was walking around CES in January looking for cool products to listen to when a fabulously blinged-out booth caught my attention. Enter A-Audio. The styling of the headphones was eye-catching, but I’ve become a skeptic of sleek-looking products having the sound chops to back up their aesthetics.

 I put them on and started scrolling through the iPad. Props to A-Audio for loading their sources with some fairly well-recorded mainstream music, it was a nice change from all of the Audiophile-approved tracks you typically hear at shows. First impressions were quite positive, and I found myself bobbing my head along to the music.

Color me interested. I reached out to the A-Audio team to see if I could get a pair to play with, and they sent me their Legacy model. After spending some time with them in the office and on the streets of San Francisco, I think A-Audio could really be onto something here.

A-Audio’s apparently been doing their research on how to reach their target audience, having sent a pair to Tyll from Innerfidelity to review. He’s got some positive things to say here:

When I asked them if they’d be interested in doing something on Head-Fi, I got a resounding yes. And that’s how I ended up on the phone with Christian Iacovelli, President of A-Audio.

Thanks for joining us today Christian. So let’s start with a question I’m curious about, why’d you start A-Audio?

My inspiration for the company really came from the frustration I felt with the current headphone marketplace. Beats did something amazing when they set the bar with Beats by Dre. It really helped bring headphones into mainstream media and singlehandedly created the market that exists today. But I feel like there’s room to improve – the consumer nowadays has so many options and is looking for bigger and better things.

Absolutely, the audio industry’s pretty crowded these days, a company really has to offer something unique or outstanding to gain any kind of traction. How do you think A-Audio accomplishes that with the Legacy headphone?

A lot of my style and personality goes into what I do. Audio is a big hobby of mine, but I also work with the automotive and fashion industries, and I draw inspiration from these other passions of mine. I believe in using quality materials – metal, not plastic. Leather and memory foam. A-audio Legacy Headphones Review 2


















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Review: A-Audio Icon and Legacy headphones


February 12, 2015

When it comes to over-the-ear Bluetooth headphones, good sound quality can leave a lot to be desired. A-Audio is a relative newcomer to the already crowded headphone market, but its headphones are designed to offer excellent sound in a plush and stylish build. A-Audio sent us two pairs to review, its Legacy wired headphones and the Icon Bluetooth headphones. Here’s our look at both models and how they performed.


A-Audio Icon Bluetooth headphones

Out of the box, pairing the headphones to a Bluetooth-enabled music source, such as a smartphone, is simple and straightforward. They use Bluetooth 4.0 technology and we didn’t have any issues with the connection dropping, unless going out of range of the Bluetooth source device (about 30 ft/10 m).

After pairing up the headphones, three options are available for listening to music through what A-Audio refers to as Three Stage Technology. This allows a user to switch between passive, bass enhanced and active noise cancellation (ANC) modes by double-tapping the power button on the left earcup. A subtle beeping sound will indicate the changing between modes. If the headphones run out of power, you can plug them in using the included 4 ft (1.2 m) detachable cable with a 24k gold plated headphone jack and get wired passive audio.

This lead cable also includes an inline control with mic that lets you answer, end or reject phone calls, as well as adjust the volume and playback. The control mic works with iPad, iPhone and iPod, and possibly other devices. I was, for example, able to get varying levels of success with an HTC One running Android.

The Icons have a rechargeable lithium ion battery in the left earcup, which is charged up by attaching the included micro-USB power cable. A-Audio touts 12 hours of music playback per charge. Though we weren’t able to test this out scientifically during the review period, we would say the claim is close with our day-to-day use.

A-Audio's Icon Bluetooth cans are powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery (Photo: Brian Burgess/Gizmag)

A-Audio’s Icon Bluetooth cans are powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery (Photo: Brian Burgess/Gizmag)

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Featured Review: A-Audio Legacy Headphones

Published on February 2, 2015 by

A-Audio is a brand that I hadn’t actually heard of until recently. They sent me their Legacy headphones a few weeks ago to take a look at. And I’ve been using them ever since. I’ve used them for listening to music, doing our weekly podcast, and doing hangouts with other staff members. Not to mention the usual watching movies and videos on YouTube. They are amazing headphones. Before this, I was a huge Bose fan. Loved their headphones and earbuds. But now I may have to rethink that, as the A-Audio Legacy are now my favorite.

Featured Review: A-Audio Legacy Headphones

Featured Review: A-Audio Legacy Headphones

The A-Audio Legacy headphones look very heavy, but in all honesty, they are actually pretty lightweight, which is always a good thing. Especially when you are wearing them all day long. Additionally they are very comfy to wear. There is extra padding on them. Both for your ear and for the top of your head. They are also made of leather and metal, which look oh so good.


They are noise cancelling headphones, but you will need a couple of AAA batteries for that. The noise cancellation is actually really good on these. Additionally, it comes with two cables One has a mic and one without. I use the mic cable since I need the mic for Hangouts on Air, but it’s nice that you can switch between the two. Additionally, you can switch ears. Have it plugged in on the left or the right. A-Audio gives you a nice carrying case for these as well, which you can see in the photo gallery down below.

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A-Audio Introduces Premium Headphone Line to

2/02/2015 03:00:00 PM

MIAMI – February 2, 2015 – The full line of award-winning headphones by A-Audio, a Miami-based company known for their premium, innovative audio products, is now available at A-Audio headphones are meticulously engineered to blend optimal sound quality, aesthetics and comfort, while pulling inspiration from classic auto and luxury timepiece design. A-Audio’s signature aesthetic turns functional elements into distinctive design features. In-ear, on-ear and over-ear style A-Audio headphones are now available in Matte Phantom Black and Liquid Chrome at the popular CE retailer.

Legacy Over-Ear Headphones ($299)

The award-winning Legacy Over-Ear headphones were the first headphones to include A-Audio’s groundbreaking and innovative Three-Stage Listening Technology™, which allows listeners to choose between Base Enhancer, Active Noise Cancellation and Audio modes. They deliver a unique listening experience and are built with 40mm custom drivers, powerful circuitry and anti-vibration aluminum for a power-packed soundstage. The headphones deliver rich, crystal clear mid and high tones with distortion free bass.

Lyric On-Ear Headphones ($199)

The Lyric On-Ear headphones pair a compact on-ear design with passive noise cancellation for rich, clear sound reproduction. With premium sound and metal construction, the Lyric On-Ear headphones bring together high tech components like 40mm drivers and powerful circuity, and A-Audio’s unique design aesthetic with a diamond-quilted leather band and octagonal bezels on each ear cup.

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A-Audio Icon Wireless review


What do you look for in a pair of high-end headphones? Many audiophiles will point to fidelity, longing for accurate reproduction of an audio source. Fashion-forward folks may crave a sleek design or something emblazoned with a logo of a brand that represents hip. Thrifty readers might argue that it all comes down to the bottom line and getting the best buy for their buck. They say you can’t please all of the people all of the time but with their new Icon Wireless headphone, A-Audio has certainly shot for the moon.

A-Audio Icon Wireless review 2

Upon opening the box, you can sense that you’re about to handle a premiere product. The headphones are packed with care inside of a luxurious case that houses all of the included goodies. The cans themselves weigh just under a pound (.80lb to be precise), which makes them ever-so-slightly lighter than the Pro model of Beats By Dre, a similarly-priced competitor. While there are two different color options, I received the Phantom Black, which I prefer to the Liquid Chrome alternative, and was immediately taken by the smooth matte finish. The underside of the headband is memory-foam quilted and appears rather couture, if I may say so myself. The A-Audio logo is featured on each ear-cup and, as somebody who favors minimalistic design, is something I could have done without. With that said, the neutral color-scheme did make for a very clean aesthetic and they did an excellent job of integrating the transport controls subtly into the earcups. So, they look great… That’s nice, but how do they sound? I slipped these bad boys on and went to work, enjoying a bit of Google Play Music as a tester.

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CES 2015: A-Audio

By Chris Del Castillo 

I first was introduced to A-Audio last year after reviewing the A-Audio Legacy Headphones. The company is focused on performance and style and everything from music to gaming. It really stands out with the Bass Enhancer and leaves you enjoying every note or moment with noise cancellation. After a few weeks of use, these became my go-to headphones for my everyday use outside of the gym.

A-audio Headphones ces 2015 booth Nerd Reactor

A-audio Headphones CES 2015 Booth

AT CES we had a chance to chat with A-Audio President & Founder Christian Iacovelli, who gave us a tour around the booth. The first thing we noticed was the Icon Wireless Bluetooth Headset, which is already already sold out of the first shipment. While the Legacy Headphones had great performance and sound and can still be used once the AAA batteries have run out, it still uses batteries. The Icon uses a rechargeable built-in lithium ion battery, which can give you 15+ hours of music in either of the three modes offered. (Many of the competitors were lacking this.) Iacovelli talked about how much fans have taken to the A-Audio line, and one thing they are looking to add in the very near future are different colors to the line.

A-audio Headphones ces 2015 Nerd Reactor booth

A-audio Headphones CES 2015 Booth

There where a few pairs shown such as a White, Rose Gold, Red along with the Liquid Chromeand Phantom Black, where customers will be able to vote on. Their biggest announcement was a new Bluetooth speaker they plan on launching in April or May.

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