These days, it seems like there is an endless variety of headphones to choose from. With new models popping up on a weekly basis, it’s hard to sort through the crowd to find the ones that fit you best. When it comes to active noise cancellation this elite selection thins out a bit, but there are only a handful that fall into the same category as A-Audio’s Icon over-ear headphones.

From a functionality perspective, these headphones give you everything but the kitchen sink. They can be used wirelessly via Bluetooth with active noise cancellation, in passive (wired) mode, and even feature dual sound profiles. Along with that, they include a wide variety of accessories that offer more than enough for any situation…

Unboxing these headphones was a very pleasant experience. The box opens easily and immediately you are presented with a beautiful carrying case with a carbon fiber-like design. Within this case, you’ll find everything else. First up, you obviously have the headphones, but right in the center of the case is a small little bag being secured by Velcro that houses the headphone accessories.

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