CES 2015: A-Audio

By Chris Del Castillo 

I first was introduced to A-Audio last year after reviewing the A-Audio Legacy Headphones. The company is focused on performance and style and everything from music to gaming. It really stands out with the Bass Enhancer and leaves you enjoying every note or moment with noise cancellation. After a few weeks of use, these became my go-to headphones for my everyday use outside of the gym.

A-audio Headphones ces 2015 booth Nerd Reactor

A-audio Headphones CES 2015 Booth

AT CES we had a chance to chat with A-Audio President & Founder Christian Iacovelli, who gave us a tour around the booth. The first thing we noticed was the Icon Wireless Bluetooth Headset, which is already already sold out of the first shipment. While the Legacy Headphones had great performance and sound and can still be used once the AAA batteries have run out, it still uses batteries. The Icon uses a rechargeable built-in lithium ion battery, which can give you 15+ hours of music in either of the three modes offered. (Many of the competitors were lacking this.) Iacovelli talked about how much fans have taken to the A-Audio line, and one thing they are looking to add in the very near future are different colors to the line.

A-audio Headphones ces 2015 Nerd Reactor booth

A-audio Headphones CES 2015 Booth

There where a few pairs shown such as a White, Rose Gold, Red along with the Liquid Chromeand Phantom Black, where customers will be able to vote on. Their biggest announcement was a new Bluetooth speaker they plan on launching in April or May.

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