Featured Review: A-Audio Legacy Headphones

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A-Audio is a brand that I hadn’t actually heard of until recently. They sent me their Legacy headphones a few weeks ago to take a look at. And I’ve been using them ever since. I’ve used them for listening to music, doing our weekly podcast, and doing hangouts with other staff members. Not to mention the usual watching movies and videos on YouTube. They are amazing headphones. Before this, I was a huge Bose fan. Loved their headphones and earbuds. But now I may have to rethink that, as the A-Audio Legacy are now my favorite.

Featured Review: A-Audio Legacy Headphones

Featured Review: A-Audio Legacy Headphones

The A-Audio Legacy headphones look very heavy, but in all honesty, they are actually pretty lightweight, which is always a good thing. Especially when you are wearing them all day long. Additionally they are very comfy to wear. There is extra padding on them. Both for your ear and for the top of your head. They are also made of leather and metal, which look oh so good.


They are noise cancelling headphones, but you will need a couple of AAA batteries for that. The noise cancellation is actually really good on these. Additionally, it comes with two cables One has a mic and one without. I use the mic cable since I need the mic for Hangouts on Air, but it’s nice that you can switch between the two. Additionally, you can switch ears. Have it plugged in on the left or the right. A-Audio gives you a nice carrying case for these as well, which you can see in the photo gallery down below.

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By Tyll Hertsens • Posted: Jan 15, 2015

About a year ago I received a pair of the A-Audio Legacy over-ear, noise canceling headphones. The truth is I found them fairly good sounding in the non-bass enhancing modes. But my, these headphones are, to my eyes, extraordinarily gaudy. At the time, I just couldn’t bring my review them.

That was poor logic on my part. Taste is an individual matter, and while the look of these cans got in my way, others might certainly like the design. Who am I to discriminate—at least too heavily—based on the look of a headphone. It’s fine for me to comment, of course, but my job is really about sound quality at a fundamental level, and since these cans did sound pretty good, well, I kinda missed the boat. And I apologized to Christian Iacovelli, President of A-Audio, for my short sightedness.

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CES 2015 Marks the Launch of the Prodigy Bluetooth Speaker from A-Audio

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This year at CES 2015, A-Audio is introducing the Prodigy Bluetooth Speaker, touting its ability to transform from a single tower to two split speakers. This way, with magnets, the speaker provides a customizable sound experience, providing listeners the option to have sound delivered from one booming source, or two separate ones. The tower adopts a unique hexagonal shape, projecting sound into all directions.


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The Couch Sessions Contest

Thanks to Dre’s Beats the luxury headphone market has exploded. So while you can color coordinate your headphones to match with your shoes, it seems many manufacturers miss the most important thing about headphones; they have to sound good.


A-Audio hopes to remedy that with a line of headphones that have looks AND sounds to match. We at Couch Sessions are offering a pair of these to one random winner, so get to clicking. You’ve got till April 7th.