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I was walking around CES in January looking for cool products to listen to when a fabulously blinged-out booth caught my attention. Enter A-Audio. The styling of the headphones was eye-catching, but I’ve become a skeptic of sleek-looking products having the sound chops to back up their aesthetics.

 I put them on and started scrolling through the iPad. Props to A-Audio for loading their sources with some fairly well-recorded mainstream music, it was a nice change from all of the Audiophile-approved tracks you typically hear at shows. First impressions were quite positive, and I found myself bobbing my head along to the music.

Color me interested. I reached out to the A-Audio team to see if I could get a pair to play with, and they sent me their Legacy model. After spending some time with them in the office and on the streets of San Francisco, I think A-Audio could really be onto something here.

A-Audio’s apparently been doing their research on how to reach their target audience, having sent a pair to Tyll from Innerfidelity to review. He’s got some positive things to say here:

When I asked them if they’d be interested in doing something on Head-Fi, I got a resounding yes. And that’s how I ended up on the phone with Christian Iacovelli, President of A-Audio.

Thanks for joining us today Christian. So let’s start with a question I’m curious about, why’d you start A-Audio?

My inspiration for the company really came from the frustration I felt with the current headphone marketplace. Beats did something amazing when they set the bar with Beats by Dre. It really helped bring headphones into mainstream media and singlehandedly created the market that exists today. But I feel like there’s room to improve – the consumer nowadays has so many options and is looking for bigger and better things.

Absolutely, the audio industry’s pretty crowded these days, a company really has to offer something unique or outstanding to gain any kind of traction. How do you think A-Audio accomplishes that with the Legacy headphone?

A lot of my style and personality goes into what I do. Audio is a big hobby of mine, but I also work with the automotive and fashion industries, and I draw inspiration from these other passions of mine. I believe in using quality materials – metal, not plastic. Leather and memory foam. A-audio Legacy Headphones Review 2


















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