By Tyll Hertsens • Posted: Jan 15, 2015

About a year ago I received a pair of the A-Audio Legacy over-ear, noise canceling headphones. The truth is I found them fairly good sounding in the non-bass enhancing modes. But my, these headphones are, to my eyes, extraordinarily gaudy. At the time, I just couldn’t bring my review them.

That was poor logic on my part. Taste is an individual matter, and while the look of these cans got in my way, others might certainly like the design. Who am I to discriminate—at least too heavily—based on the look of a headphone. It’s fine for me to comment, of course, but my job is really about sound quality at a fundamental level, and since these cans did sound pretty good, well, I kinda missed the boat. And I apologized to Christian Iacovelli, President of A-Audio, for my short sightedness.

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