By Michael John-Anyaehie


Quality or affordable headphones are not hard to find, but it’s difficult to see one with both attributes and an accurate active noise cancellation feature. A-Audio has proven it’s here to stay, the company’s Legacy headphone launched last year was a beauty to behold. In order to bring wireless headphone lovers on board, the company’s A-Audio Icon headphones is the missing piece of the puzzle. You can call A-Audio a newcomer in the headphone market but the company is shutting critics down by launching quality headphones, one after the other for those who want the luxury that comes with it. From the logo to the leather stitching, A-Audio headphones has that luxurious feel to it. A-Audio currently offers 3 headphone models and one earbud, the Lyric (on-ear), Legacy (over-ear), Icon (wireless over-ear) and Elite HD Earbuds. I had the opportunity to test this beauty priced at $379 with Jay-Z’s recently acquired Tidal music streaming service and I was totally impressed.


The box the A-Audio Icon come in is smaller than the A-Audio Legacy which is absolutely fine with me. A-Audio eliminated the need for the big packaging as they decided to pack the headphone in its carry-case. Opening the box, you’ll find the headphone already pack in the A-Audio “Luxury Travel Case”. The A-Audio Icon comes with two audio cables with and with mic, battery charger and USB cable, a quick guide and your warranty card.


Build and comfort

The A-Audio Icon comes in two colors, the Phantom Black and Liquid Chrome model. The materials used in making the Icon gives the headphone a quality design and feel. It comes with a chrome plating, steel chassis, zinc hinges and a few plastic pieces. The breathable memory foam cushions  and leather padding provides the well deserved comfort needed for long hours of listening to music. Each ear cup is attached to a steel frame with chrome plating, fully articulating swivel ear cups that helps provide a perfect seal. Thanks to the audio output feature, your friend can tap into what you’re listening to.

The rechargeable battery cover magnetically attaches to the headphone just like the A-Audio Legacy battery cover. Pressing the power button once when the headphone is powered on allows you to check your A-Audio Icon battery level. The A-Audio Icon comes with a great battery life. The stats boast a 12-hour battery life, I put it test and it totally aced it. To spice things up, A-Audio adds a rechargeable Power Bank you can use to charge your headphone on the go.


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