A-Audio’s Legacy Over-Ear Noise Canceling Headphone Review

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Headphones don’t get much more serious looking than A-Audio’s Legacy Over-Ear Noise Canceling headphones. These metal and leather headphones are beautifully crafted to emit a sort of industrial luxury, much like a luxury sports car. They feature a “3-stage listening” experience where you can listen to your music regularly, with noise canceling, or with noise canceling and extra bass. They come complete with a ControlTalk microphone and fancy travel case.

A-Audio’s Legacy Over-Ears have a serious design. They are headphones you’d expect to see the Batman wearing. They’re finely crafted with aluminum ear cups and a premium diamond quilted leather headband. The fact that they’re all black, aka “Phantom Black” lends well to being Dark-Knight-appropriate. They also come in “Liquid Chrome”. The oval-shaped earcups are large enough for big ears and they’re quite cushiony. The earcups swivel 90 degrees and also fold up into the headband. It’s a very tough and durable design compared to most other over ear headphones. They’re not the lightest headphones, but they feel far from inexpensive.

The Legacy’s are battery powered (2x AAA batteries included), and there’s a battery compartment uniquely hidden behind the left headphone’s magnetic faceplate. Battery power is only required if you want to use ANC (auto noise canceling) or Bass mode. There’s a hard switch with a colored LED to switch between the different modes. The noise canceling is pretty good, but not the best. Like lots of headphones, you can kind of hear the noise canceling anti-noise. It’s fantastic on the train, plane, bus, or anyplace with a consistent ambient noise. It’s not good outside; wind will create a really annoying sound if noise canceling is on. The bass booster is fantastic, but would be nice to have an option for it without noise canceling. Unfortunately, our model didn’t have a standby mode, so if you forget to turn the ANC or Bass mode off, you have to change batteries much more frequently.

There’s a thick removable headphone cable that does not easily tangle. There is an inline ControlTalk complete with volume buttons and a microphone. The microphone isn’t the best of inline microphones, but it works. It is very quick to pick up background noise. Callers reported having trouble hearing me outside or in noisy environments. The ControlTalk buttons worked well for controlling music, phone calls, and voice activation.

Do A-Audio’s headphones sound as serious as they look? Their 40mm drivers can crank out some very loud tunes. They sound great, with a few exceptions. They sound the best using the bass ANC mode (just not outside). In bass mode, they rock the bass that they always should. There’s the least amount of bass in ANC mode. In all of the settings, the mids are very clear and the highs are also very crisp. The main problem with these headphones is that they really hurt after an hour of wear. They start off extremely comfortable, but in a short amount of time it adds a ridiculous amount of pressure on your head.

A-Audio’s Legacy Over-Ears are super premium, so of course they come with a premium price tag. They are currently available from Amazon.com. As a matter of fact, the Legacy’s are unsurpassed in build quality and durability.

Hands On Review: A-Audio Legacy Truly Outclasses The Competition


Ballerstatus.com Review

Introducing A-Audio’s Legacy Series Headphones

By Jay Casteel   /   Published 07/13/14

Miami-based A-Audio recently debuted their latest range of premium headphones with the new Legacy Series, created with the mission to offer a luxury appeal with high-quality sound.
The new line of headphones boasts meticulous style detailing such chrome-plated aluminum construction, quilted memory-foam padding, and a headband wrapped in premium leather. But beyond its flashy appearance, A-Audio’s Legacy headphones also offer innovations in sound reproduction such as Active Noise Cancellation and Bass Boost modes… and also Bluetooth technology, allowing for crisp audio while being attached to the device. The wired model boasts dual inputs, one on each ear cup, so users can choose to connect on whichever side is more comfortable, as well as share with a friend, because the unused input becomes an output for a friend to plug in their own headphones.
A-Audio’s Legacy Series Over-Ear offerings range from $299 -$379 USD, while the On-Ear start at $199 USD. The collection is available now at the brand’s online store.

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Mase TV Review

A-Audio Announces Legacy + Lyric Headphone Series #CEWeek

written by Janelle R (@Nellesworld)

I actually got a chance to stop by A-Audio’s booth during CE Week to test out the Legacy and Lyric series headphones and they were indeed quite impressive. The Legacy series were great for songs deep in bass. I tried out a few songs with heavy bass drops and the sound was flawless. The Lyric series sounded great with bass heavy tracks as well but they were especially great for acoustics. Both sets were light, stylish and had stellar performance. Stay tuned as we may be able to provide an in depth review of these new lines from A-Audio.

In the meantime – the legacy series is  available now at A-Audio.com. The Legacy series will run you $299 and the Lyric series (available late July) will run you $199.

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Technologytell Review

Technologytell Review

Technologytell Review

The A Audio Legacy ANC Elite HD on ear headphones deliver supreme sound and fashion. You know me, I always like to start with aesthetics, and these headphones deliver. You can tell just by looking at the packaging that they’re something unique.

The headphones themselves are comprised of stitched leather, gold plating, and stainless steel. With the company’s signature A logo, the headphones almost resemble a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

But that’s just me. My favorite element of the design is the quilted design on the headband. No surprise considering this is exactly what I wanted on my hypothetical leather jacket. Hell’s Angels here I come.Too cool for school.

Angelesalmuna.com Review

This A – Audio Headphones are the most amazing headphones I have ever had in my life. The design and the quality are incredible luxury with a innovated sound system. And because I’m super pssionate about music this gift from A – A Audio was perfect to me, thanks a lot!

I hope you like these pictures from my last trip to Switzerland where these headphones were my perfect companion with my favorite music!

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