A-Audio Prodigy Bluetooth Speaker Instantly Transforms Into Two Speakers

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A-Audio has done it again! They make the music you listen to sound great without skimping on the look! These speakers not only sound great but look just as amazing. The Miami-based audio company founded on the principles of innovation, quality, precision and craftsmanship, today announces the new Prodigy Bluetooth Speaker, the first Bluetooth speaker that transforms into two separate speakers and includes Three-Stage Listening Technology™, putting listeners in the driver’s seat to select the audio setting that best suits them and their music in the moment. The Prodigy Bluetooth Speaker is meticulously engineered to blend optimal sound quality and aesthetics, while providing studio quality sound without a cable. A-Audio will preview the Prodigy for the first time at the 2015 International CES, South Hall Booth #21259 , January 6-9 in Las Vegas.

The Prodigy Bluetooth speaker features A-Audio’s innovative Three-Stage Listening Technology™, which allows listeners to choose between Audio, Base Enhancer and SurroundEffect modes so they can select which setting they prefer in that moment. The Prodigy speaker unfastens in the center, allowing listeners to enjoy music as one unified speaker or as two separate ones. Simply pull the speaker apart from the center to unfasten the powerful magnetic locators which keep it sealed and secure. Upon separating, listeners may place the speakers any way they’d like, enjoying a surround sound effect in their environment while being able to control their music from any Bluetooth-enabled device or from each speaker’s controls. Begin the evening with two separate speakers, one on the dinner table and the other on the kitchen counter. Reconnect as one later on for premium concentrated sound in the living room.

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