These wireless bluetooth headphones offer sound of the quality not normally associated with wireless headphones,
and they do it in a package that is supremely stylish.

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The construction of the icon headphones is amazing.

9 to 5 Mac

The legacy Headphones from A-Audio are some of the best headphones I've ever tried.

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We found the audio to have a full and rich sound with deep lows, and crisp highs.


The Icon headphones are well-built, flexible/durable, feature active noise cancellation, Bluetooth, great battery life, and all the accessories I could ever need.


The new premium headphones take their design cue from classic autos and luxury timepieces and feature both a bass enhancement mode and an active noise-canceling mode.


Before this, I was a huge Bose fan. Loved their headphones and earbuds. But now I may have to rethink that, as the A-Audio Legacy are now my favorite.

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In all, the Icon headphones really do have it all: A powerful, accurate soundstage, a comfortable design, and they’re wireless, which is truly liberating on many level

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Like the Legacy model, the Icon headphones offer first-class sound from A-Audio. These guys really understand what studio-quality headphones are all about.

Business insider

After a few weeks of use, these became my go-to headphones for my everyday use outside of the gym.

Nerd Reactor

Overall, I’m enamored with these headphones. They may very well be the most comfortable, warm-sounding, headphones that I’ve ever used. A fair warning, though: You may never be able to go back to life without them.

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A-Audio has done it again! They make the music you listen to sound great without skimping on the look! These speakers not only sound great but look just as amazing.

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