there’s no denying that they deliver impressive sound quality across a wide range of music with a comfortable fit.


Wear them and you’ll look more like a producer than a fan. And the sound is just as impressive as the visual.


The A-Audio Legacy headphones are like a cushy concert hall for your head… They are freakishly awesome.


A-Audio has put a trio of audio treats into the Icon Wireless Over-Ear Hadphones.

Electronic House

These headphones are sick… When you pull these out of the box, you feel that quality.

Flossy Carter, Top YouTube Tech Reviewer

A-Audio’s Legacy Headphones is definitely one of the top contenders available now that adds some style and durability to a studio-quality experience


These metal and leather headphones are beautifully crafted to emit a sort of industrial luxury, much like a luxury sports car.”

Chip Chunk

Style and substance are equal priorities for A-Audio. The Lyric on-ear headphones feature rock-solid construction and a striking look.


Standout design, maximum comfort, and the best audio experience around.

The Epoch Times

I heard new layers of sound in songs I've heard a million times before.

Business Insider

One of the most crisp and accurate soundstages I’ve ever heard on any pair of headphones or speakers.

Business Insider

I’ll say that they’ve succeeded. I’ve never used a better set of headphones.